We are specialized in producing very high quality diamond saw blades up to Ø 1600mm. Other diameters or specials we make on request.

The company has 4 full automatic brazing machines available to help you.

   Video of our production of saw blades

Our program:

  • Diamond saw blades for pre stressed concrete like hollow core slabs                                                 
  • Diamond saw blades for calcium silicate blocks.
  • Diamond saw blades for asphalt and concrete
  • Diamond saw blades for hand held machines
  • Diamond saw blades for floor sawing machines
  • Diamond saw blades for wall sawing machines



We have a solution for reducing the noise of saw blades.



Type "Detenso" 

With a laser a patern  cut in the steel core. These lasercuts are filled with a kind of wax.. The vibrations that cause the high noise will be reduced by this. Measurements show a result of 6dB noise reduction.

Advantage: Cheap method.

Disadvantage: less noise reduction than the  "sandwich" method.